ETAC Staff

Janet Myers - PhD, MPH: Principal Investigator

Wayne Steward - PhD, MPH: Co-Principal Investigator and Quality Coach

Steve Morin - PhD: Senior Scientist

Edwin Charlebois – PhD, MPH: Epidemiologist and Biostatistician, Quantitative Liaison for the states of North Carolina, New York, Virginia

Hong-Ha Truong – PhD, MS, MPH: Faculty Expert Data-Systems, Quantitative Liaison, for the states of Louisiana, Massachusetts, Wisconsin

Sara Bodach - MPH: Data Manager

Kimberly Koester - MA: Qualitative Analyst, Qualitative Liaison, Massachusetts, New York

Sophia Zamudio-Haas: Qualitative Analyst

Andre Maiorana - MPH, MA: Qualitative Analyst, Qualitative Liaison, North Carolina, Wisconsin

Shannon Fuller - MS: Qualitative Analyst, Qualitative Liason, Louisiana, Virginia

James G. Kahn – MD, MPH: Faculty Expert on Cost-Effectiveness

Katerina Christopoulos- MD, MPH: Faculty Expert- Retention in Care

Barry Zack- Corrections Consultant

Katie Kramer- Corrections Consultant 

Lori DeLorenzo – RN, MSN: Quality Coach for Massachusetts and Virginia

Jane Fox – MPH: Quality Coach for North Carolina and Wisconsin

Jennifer Bie- Project Coordinator

Valerie Kirby- MPH: Cost-Effectiveness Analyst

Marliese Warren – MS: Project Coordinator

Morgan Weinert - Project Assistant